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Water Lilies


One Bunch - 5 Stems
Two Bunches - 10 Stems
Three Bunches - 15 Stems
Four Bunches - 20 Stems
Signature Kraft Paper Wrap
Gift Wrap with Premium Paper and Grosgrain Ribbon

Send some magic with these Tropical Water Lilies. The ultimate gift these incredible blooms have a short season and are lovingly grown by a small, dedicated team in Western Australia.

Available in a mixture of colours - White, Purple, Yellow and Pink. A beautiful mixture of colours will be sent. 

Water Lilies are a very special, seasonal flower and are quite interactive. To experience all of their magic they require a little bit of extra care, please see details below:

  • Water lilies should be up to their necks in water so fill your vase right to the brim.
  • They will keep growing in the vase, so trim them if they push out of the water. 
  • The flowers require light to open, don't be discouraged if new buds take a day or two to open. 
  • They will close their blooms at night or in a dark room. Make sure they are in a well lit spot in the morning so they re-open.

Vase is not included unless selected. 

These are sent as a cut flower. Priced just like you would buy fresh from the market and are not intended to be a gift (unless you select a vase or gift wrap). They are not arranged and are just packaged very simply for maximum freshness and protection from travel.

We are offering our cut flowers online to help our customers effected by the current health crisis who may not be able to come to the market. 

Special $5 local delivery prices are available.

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