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These classic garden blooms are incredibly beautiful. In the most delicate shades of blue (and sometimes white) they look beautiful in any interior. These beauties are only available for a short time so order quickly before they're finished.

Delphinium is a delicate bloom and is not super long lasting. For maximum vase life trim your flowers on arrival and remove any excess foliage. Recutting and changing the water everyday will extend the vase life. Keep in a cool room - these flowers do not love the heat. 

This bunch is sent as a cut flower. Priced just like you would buy fresh from the market and are not intended to be a gift (unless you add a special gift wrap or vase). They are not arranged and are just packaged very simply for maximum freshness and protection from travel. 

We are offering our cut flowers online to help our customers effected by the current health crisis who may not be able to come to the market. 

Special $5 local delivery prices are available.

Delivery will be added at checkout - to preview our rates please visit our Shipping Page.