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Fresh bunches of poppies available for delivery across Melbourne



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The loveliest and most colourful blooms imaginable - these beauties are only around for a short season and are a favourite in-store. Watching them pop open and unfurl their delicate petals is an absolute joy, making them great iso company and the perfect gift for someone who needs some good vibes sent their way!

Pictured is one bunch. Poppies are sent mostly closed for maximum vase life and enjoyment. 

Tips for Maximum Poppy Life:
- Poppies like a bright room and a vase about a quarter full with water (too much water effects vase life).
- If your Poppies have not opened, or you want to speed up the opening process follow the below instructions to scald them. Scalding is a great trick for other delicate flowers like hellebores and hydrangea. 

- Boil Kettle and fill a mug with an inch of freshly boil water
- Prepare your clean vessel with fresh, cool water
- Cut Stems of flowers on an angle
- Plunge freshly cut stems in to boiled water for 20-30 seconds (you may see bubbles coming out of the stems)
- Plunge Scalded stems in to their vessel with the cool, fresh water. 
- Leave flowers in a light room (not near a heater or airconditioner) and watch them rehydrate over the next 12 hours. Poppies should start to pop open, one by one!

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