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order sea holly online
order sea holly online
Sea Holly

Sea Holly


One Bunch
Two Bunches
Three Bunches
Four Bunches
Five Bunches
Signature Kraft Paper Wrap with Twine
Gift Wrap with Premium Paper and Grosgrain Ribbon


These delicate thistle like beauties are one of the only blue flowers around. Sea Holly is an incredibly unique bloom. 

Amazingly sculptural in a vase on their own but they also look great with some other larger blooms like proteas or banksias or mixed with a foliage for a beautiful garden gathered look. 

1st Picture is 4 bunches and 2nd picture is single bunch. 

These are sent as a cut flower. Priced just like you would buy fresh from the market and are not intended to be a gift (unless you add a special gift wrap or a vase). They are not arranged and are just packaged very simply for maximum freshness and protection from travel. 

We are offering our cut flowers online to help our customers effected by the current health crisis who may not be able to come to the market. 

Special $5 local delivery prices are available.

Delivery will be added at checkout - to preview our rates please visit our Shipping Page.