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Straw Flower

Straw Flower


One Bunch
Kraft Paper Wrap with Twine
Gift Wrap with Premium Paper and Grosgrain Ribbon

Straw Flower, Paper Daisy, Everlasting Daisy. These incredibly cheerful Daisys are native to Australia. Long-lasting and interactive they will open up in your vase and continue to live on as a dried flower. 

These come in variety of beautiful warm colours - from white to golden yellow, peaches, oranges, reds, burgundies and pinks. Our florists will choose the loveliest on the day for you. 

Care instructions:
Straw flower foliage should be removed and ends trimmed before placing in a vase of fresh water. The foliage will die before the flower and can look messy - this is not always an indicator of freshness but the nature of this type of flower. If you want to dry the flowers we suggest removing foliage, allowing to bloom in vase and then hanging upside down in a dry place before the stems start to bend. 

These are sent as a cut flower. Priced just like you would buy fresh from the market and are not intended to be a gift (unless you add a special gift wrap or vase). They are not arranged and are just packaged very simply for maximum freshness and protection from travel. 

We are offering our cut flowers online to help our customers effected by the current health crisis who may not be able to come to the market. 

Special $5 local delivery prices are available.

Delivery will be added at checkout - to preview our rates please visit our Shipping Page.