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Important Information & Size Guide

Flower availability is dependent on the market, weather and season. By placing your order you entrust our skilled florists to select the most beautiful and available substitutions if the flowers pictured are unavailable. Any substitutions will always be of an equivalent or greater value than the amount you have paid. We always make every effort to make something beautiful that is as close as possible in look and feel with these images as a guide. 


Posy Approx 25cm Wide x 35cm Tall

Small Approx 35cm Wide x 45cm Tall

Medium Approx 45cm Wide x 55cm Tall 

Large Approx 50cm Wide x 60cm Tall

Extravagant Approx 60cm Wide x 70cm Tall

*The above is a general guide only. Mother Nature doesn’t have a ruler!

Your flowers are always made with love to the dollar value selected. Flower prices fluctuate with seasonal availability and this will effect floral content.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please email us on