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Peonies - Coral Charm
Peonies - Coral Charm
Peonies - Coral Charm
Peonies - Coral Charm

Peonies - Coral Charm


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Peony Season is finally here and for a very short time! We have limited numbers of these beautiful Coral Charm Peonies. These amazing blooms will fade over their vase life through a sunset of colours from bright coral to cream.

They are the most amazing flowers and look like a Dutch masters painting come to life. They are the perfect gift for the discerning flower lover.

Peonies are such premium showstoppers you don't need anything else - they are the perfect gesture for any occasion. We package these for your loved one in premium paper with tissue and a beautiful grosgrain ribbon. 

The flowers pictured are very open. Peonies are often sent more closed for maximum vase life. To encourage Peonies to open cut the stems and place in fresh water. A warm room will speed opening process, a cool room will slow it down. If you have any issues please contact us at

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